For healthcare professionals involved in dementia care.

Training & Certification



DCPA prides itself on offering innovative, engaging, and practical training and educational programs to professional care partners. Developed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals, our programs prepare all levels of professionals across sectors to feel comfortable and confident interacting with and caring for individuals with dementia.

Achieving a nationwide culture of dementia care that is high-quality, empathetic, and person-centered demands that, as professionals, we continuously pursue opportunities to learn and grow. Whether you’ve worked in dementia care for decades, are looking to make a career change, or are an emerging professional, DCPA training will help you to develop the expertise and skills needed to be the best dementia care partner you can be.

Learn about DVD-based training. Learn about virtual and on-site training.
Our training philosophy is rooted in the belief that optimal dementia care relies on building relationships. This person-centered approach to care values promotes the unique strengths, goals, and humanity of each individual, involves interdisciplinary collaboration among care providers, and places individuals with dementia and their families at the center of decision-making.

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