For healthcare professionals involved in dementia care.

On-Site and Virtual Training

OnsiteTrainingDynamic, interactive and flexible, DCPA’s virtual and on-site training workshops equip professionals with the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to provide optimal care and services to individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and related illnesses. During the workshops, AFA staff utilize case studies, role play, breakout activities to facilitate mastery of information. Workshop content is fully customizable to meet the training and educational needs of your organization or staff.

Recommended topics include

Professionally-led workshops are conducted in a variety of formats (e.g., full-day, half-day, hourly). Certain formats offer an opportunity to pursue AFA’s Dementia Care Partner certification. Workshops are ideal for professional schools (e.g., nursing, social work), hospitals, home care agencies, residential care facilities, retail stores and a variety of other settings.

What people are saying about DCPA’s on-site and virtual training programs:

  • “Amazing lecture! Absolutely fascinating, wonderfully organized, one of the most engaging lecturers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to … Thank you!”
  • “This was a very helpful and thorough workshop. I really enjoyed the combination of lecture, discussion, PowerPoint, and video presentation. I feel a lot more prepared and confident to care for patients with dementia. Thank you!”
  • “The speaker was very knowledgeable and experienced. The patient stories used were incredible and helped to illustrate many hard science topics.”
  • “Thank you for facilitating such a resourceful presentation. I’m now more interested in working with this population.”
Learn about DVD-based training.

For more information, contact Molly Fogel, LCSW, AFA’s director of educational and social services, at 866.232.8484 or