For healthcare professionals involved in dementia care.

About AFA

AFA Programs & Services

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA) has many programs and services that may be of interest to the professional community. Whether connecting clients to AFA’s support programs and educational literature or participating in AFA’s national awareness-raising events, you can help make a significant difference for families in your community. AFA unites more than 2,400 member organizations nationwide. To read about AFA’s executive team, click here.


AFA’s user-friendly print resources include a free quarterly magazine for family caregivers and professionals — AFA Care Quarterly —the only magazine of its kind. AFA produces brochures on a variety of topics related to dementia, memory screenings, successful aging and caregiving—all of which leave space for your contact information for local distribution. In addition, AFA provides a bi-weekly e-newsletter with updates about Alzheimer’s disease care and research, and news about AFA’s programs and services. To subscribe to AFA’s e-newsletter, click here.

Excellence in Care

AFA has designed a comprehensive set of standards, called Excellence in Care, that we believe constitute the very best elements of design and best practices in care for a setting that provides care to individuals with dementia. Such settings have the opportunity to work closely with an Excellence in Care Specialist in reaching these standards and earning the designation of an Excellence in Care Dementia Care Program of Distinction. AFA is also seeking qualified professional consultants to facilitate this important initiative in local communities.

Social Services

AFA’s social service department is the focal point of our care provider support. Through our toll free helpline (866-232-8484), AFA’s licensed social workers field calls from the national care community. Daily, our licensed social workers respond to questions providing direction to assistance individuals, families, and care providers to local resources to meet the specific needs of individuals living with Alzheimer’s and other Dementia related illnesses. No question is too small; no concern is too insignificant. AFA’s licensed social workers are also available for contact and continued support via Skype, live chat and email. AFA’s social service department provides family oriented services, including support groups for the busy care giver or families in need of support.  Understanding the time constraints when caring for a loved one, these support groups are provided over the phone, so not to take the care giver from the home. Through our Care Connection program, free teleconferences are provided for both family caregivers and professional caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and related illnesses. These teleconferences are a valuable mix of coaching, guest speakers, questions and answers–and sharing. All teleconferences geared towards community professionals and family members alike.

National Memory Screening Program

National Memory Screening Program is one of the highlights of AFA’s ongoing national effort to promote early detection of memory problems, including Alzheimer’s disease, and to encourage appropriate intervention, including medical treatments, social services and other resources. AFA believes that memory screenings are a significant first step toward early diagnosis.

AFA Events

With its dedicated focus on improving care for individuals with dementia, AFA holds local and national educational conferences geared for family caregivers and healthcare professionals. Top experts address treatment and management of Alzheimer’s disease and practical care issues. CEUs may be available, depending on the conference. Click here for AFA’s upcoming conferences for family caregivers and healthcare professionals.

AFA Quilt to Remember

The AFA Quilt to Remember is the nation’s first grand-scale dementia-related quilt that pays tribute to people who have passed or are living with dementia, and their families, so that others can recognize the reality and enormity of this disease, and acknowledge that we stand united for optimal care and a cure. The AFA Quilt to Remember is being taken on tour to cities across America and will expand in size with ongoing contributions for years to come. Individuals and organizations have the opportunity to contribute creative and thought-provoking panels.